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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Chapel Designer's Progressive Blog: This time: Flower Girl Love

As you know, Carol and I are both retired school teachers so of course, little ones are near and dear to our hearts.  Add a sweet little dress, a gorgeous venue, and an adorable little girl and we melt!
We recently provided gorgeous flowers for Amanda and Gil up in the Cascade mountains at Suttle Lake. A wonderful location for a day full of family and celebration.

Many of the guests were in awe of the beauty of the day. I believe the photo below says it all!

The Lodge at Suttle Lake...love all the log accents!  The beauty of Oregon!

 We would be remiss not to share a photo of our bride Amanda...does gorgeous say it all?

The arch was delicious...you can see the lake in the background.  Unfortunately, smoke from several forest fires caused the sky and water to be less than their amazing blue, but it was still breathtaking!

Thank you to April Kessler, www.lllphoto.net , for getting these photos to us so quickly before departing on her well-earned vacation!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Compote Envy

The Chapel Designers...who are we...what are we about.  We are about beautiful flowers and designs. Perhaps beyond that we are about camaraderie.  We are about supporting each other in the day to day business of creating no matter where we live.  We are about sharing ideas.  We are about laughing with each other.  We are about caring about each other on a level beyond business associates.  We are almost 40 strong with a love of beautiful things created from nature.

On our recent trip to gather in New York City, many of our group had the opportunity to take a course at Flower School New York;  The Art of the Compote with Areiella Chezar as the instructor.  Ahh...the compote...such a simple vessel. 
Carol and I were instantly drawn to the pieces we saw emerge from this class.  Our group suddenly became compote crazy, at least those who weren't already in that category.  Across the country there was a search on for "compotes"...where, what color, can you paint them, what materials.  We have had a great time watching the designs emerge from this group of Chapel Designers.
Isha Foss, one of our group, came up with the idea of a Blog Blitz...for lack of a better title.  What if each of us created a compote and then posted it on our blog?  What if we each then provided a link to all the other blogs in our blog posting?  Well, you can imagine people jumped at the idea.  An idea is born and embraced.
We had a great time designing in our compotes and are happy to share the results.  As much as we love our compotes...what we really LOVE is being a part of the Chapel Designers!

Here are our compote designs!  We certainly hope that our west coast brides come to embrace this style. We would love to see them featured in some of their weddings!


And now for the Blog Blitz, as promised!  Click on the following links to see some of the other Chapel Designer's compote designs!  Be sure to check back, as more links will be added as they become available!  We love our Chapel Designers!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ribbon Love

We are so excited to see the return of beautiful ribbons in wedding work!  It seems that the past several years there has been a downtrend in ribbon usage.  We have started seeing some beautiful bridal bouquets in publications and on stellar designer's websites.
We were thrilled to see one of our bride's inspiration photos to be one of Ariella Chezar's amazing bouquets, shown here. Amazing flowers and bouquet, and LOVE the ribbons!
You can imagine how excited we were to actually take a class in NYC from Ariella.  More from that experience later in this post.

Here are some photos of our ribbon escapades on our NYC trip in March.
We started at M & J Trimmings.  We walked into this destination and were overwhelmed with amazing ribbons, trimmings, appliques, brooches and more.  Every direction we turned, it was floor to ceiling eye candy!

A wall of sparkle and bling!
 Our last day in the big city and one last stop. Good that ribbons are easy to pack!
Our next stop was Hyman Hendler and Sons.  This store was absolutely amazing.  Full of vintage ribbons from around the world, in addition to many of their standard ribbons. From their website "Vintage Novelties Ribbon Collection, consist of Jacquards, Brocades, Florals, and Stripes in combinations of Satin and Grosgrain, Satin-Grosgrain-MoirĂ©, Satin and Velvet – stripes and plaids, with plain or scalloped edges."  Oh my!
Gorgeous stripes...I think we had to touch most of these!

Some absolutely luscious shades of double faced satin.  How to even begin to choose?
Then there was the selection of black and white!  Instant love!

Oh...oh....oh...look at these!
And these!
Peggy is going back for this one!
And these, too!

These next few photos are from our fellow Chapel Designer, Liz Rusnac.  Tinsel Trading was the third stop on our adventure.  Once again, amazing trims, ribbons, silk flowers and overall wonderful.  I think we were so overwhelmed our cameras never came out.  Thanks for sharing these photos Liz.  We are glad someone had their wits about them!

Yes, this is an entire wall of silk flowers!

One of the many highlights of our week in NYC was our design class with Ariella Chezar at the Flower School New York!  Are you kidding me?  So wonderful to be in the same studio, let alone design there!

So beautiful!

Carol's Bouquet

Peggy's Bouquet!

As you can see, ribbons are a wonderful addition to a bridal bouquet.  In case we haven't convinced you yet,  here are a few more beautiful bouquets created by Ariella.

Martha Stewart has had a huge impact on wedding trends.  Her latest Weddings magazine cover features a wonderful bouquet with a beautiful ribbon bow!

Ribbon loving brides, we are here and ready for you!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Celebration Florals Heads to NYC!

We recently returned from a wonderful trip to New York City!  How did this come about?  Social Media! We have followed a fellow designer on the east coast for many years.  Last year she asked via Twitter Who wants to come to NYC?  We were a bit slow last year (and had no idea how Twitter worked) and didn't attend. Instead, we followed along on her blog... Not this year!  Oh, what an experience and where to begin?I think a little bit at a time, is best.  There were so many amazing events, I just want to tell about all of them!
We flew to NYC on Saturday in order to be ready for the first event on Sunday night.  We had really no idea what to expect.  We all met up at Matthew Robbins Design Studio.  Our hostess,  Holly Heider Chappel greeted us at the door with a copy of Matthew's newest book.  Stepping over that threshold signaled the beginning of our NYC Chapel Designer's flower adventure!  I am not sure we knew what to expect.  Almost 40 floral designers in the same room at the same time?  AND Matthew Robbins?  Wow...
Matthew and Holly

Flowers!  Oh yummy! Flowers provided by Floribundance!

We all came home with Matthew's newest book Inspired!

Our first evening ended as we made our way back to our hotel in a floral haze!