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Monday, November 25, 2013

Falling for Fall

Another progressive blog post from the Chapel Designers!  Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this posting to find some links to our other amazing Chapel Designers!

Ahhhh...the rush of summer weddings is over. The new season is upon us.  Life slows down in the wedding flower world.  The softer colors give way to deep rich hues of a different season.    We love the chance to design with these colors.

A fall lantern, complete with a subtle morning cool fog!

The grape harvest may not have been spectacular in the northwest this fall, but we loved the grapes!

Mango callas, deep red hypericum berries, burnished fern curls provide a perfect fall bridal bouquet!

Deep reds with brown accents!  Perfection!

A summer bride who chose the fall color palette. Amazing!

We loved these bouquets; perfect for any season!  

Let the fun begin!  Just click on the links below to some of Chapel Designer friends to enjoy their amazing work, too!  Be sure to share the fun with your friends!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Lonely Bouquet

Time for another progressive blog post from the Chapel Designers!

We were very excited to participate in the first International Lonely Bouquet day this past June 30th.  We loved this idea the very first moment we heard of it.  It was hard to wait until the actual day to jump in.  We love sharing our flowers and this was such a nice way to brighten others days.  We enlisted our friend Sara of Sara Lil Photography and out we headed...We might add that this was a very HOT afternoon here in Corvallis, with the temperature approaching 95 as we headed out.  It was hard to decide where to leave our bouquets.  We were happy that our bouquets found some great homes, and Sara managed to get some great photos for us!  

The first bouquet found a perfect home here for a little while. The chalk art says, "Look for something positive in each day even if some days you have to look a little harder. Let the challenges make you stronger."

This lucky waiter at a favorite sidewalk restaurant found this beauty.  It was headed home to his girlfriend!

This sweet bouquet undoubtedly went home with a dog lover!

We had so much fun, and found some more flowers, that one final bouquet went out on Monday.  Here it is below waiting for someone to adopt it.  Our hearts were so happy to receive this email from the lucky recipient. 

"Thank you for the lovely bouquet that went home with my 89 year old mother.  I saw it and the tag at  Wound care clinic.  Mother was very happy to accept it and clutched it happily in her arms for the ride home to her adult foster care in Albany where it is shared with her other housemates. What a generous thing  you have done. Thank you for the gift of flowers to brighten her day." 

 It's why we love what we do!

Now for the fun part!  Click on any of the links below to participate in the progressive blog and see how our fellow floral designers shared the love and power of flowers!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Down the aisle in style!

Time for another journey with the Chapel Designers and their progressive blog posts!  This post is sharing all the wonderful ways our brides make their way to their awaiting grooms.  Enjoy the eye candy!

Speaking of Eye Candy, Paradise Springs has to be one of our favorite venues.  Every way you turn there are amazing sights and views.  This aisle led to the beautiful gazebo. The bride asked for sepentine petals. We LOVE serpentine petals! To make it unique for her, we added in blue delphinium blossoms and purple dendrobiums. Just enough accent to really make this aisle a very special journey for our bride!


The view of the coastal range in the mid-Willamette Valley is something to behold. Here on a warm summer day, overlooking some of the Corvallis Country Club, the aisleway led to a stunning arbor with all white flowers and crystals.  The beginning of this bride's journey was accented with large pieces filled with beautiful white blooms and more crystals in large glass urns.  Amazing with the sun glistening off the crystals.

Suttle Lake is nestled near the crest of the Cascade Range in central Oregon.  This beautiful blue mountain lake was the backdrop for this scrumptious wedding.  Rich, deep, hot pinks were the colors selected by this bride. Add in crystals and lots of flowers and you have one hot, wonderful journey!

And from our friend Lisa Sommer at Petals and Promises, comes this beauty!

Here comes the fun part of the Chapel Designer's Progressive Blog posts...follow the links below for some more great journeys!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Chapel Designers present another Progressive Blog: Bouquets!

It's time for another progressive blog!  One of our favorite things.  As many of you know, we belong to an amazing group of designers known as "Chapel Designers".  This group consists of 63 designers from around the world. Our connection began with social media, but that was just the beginning!  63 of the nicest, most generous and sharing designers one could imagine.  We cherish our connection to these special people every day.
Today's progressive post is about bouquets...bridal bouquets...oh, yes!  We love every single bouquet we create.  Each one is so much more than the flowers that go into it.  It is filled with visions and decisions.  Colors and textures.  Shapes and  scents.  So much more.   How to choose which ones to share..
Our first choice is chosen for the richness of colors and textures...captured so amazingly well by Chrissie McDowell Photography.  Who would not be in love with this one?

Our second choice is filled with all sorts of wonderful natural elements.  This bouquet was designed for a bride who was getting married at the amazing Paradise Springs.  This venue is filled with Oregon. From the rich colors of the forest to the warmth of the wooden accents found in the lodge. Fun loving and beautiful describe both this bouquet and this bride! Photographed by Powers Studios.

One last beauty to share!  This one comes from one of our favorite weddings of this past year. One of our favorite experiences is to provide flowers for clients that we have known since they were little. Our final bouquet was soft pastels and compliments our wonderful bride perfectly.  Lush, soft, pastels. Wonderfully captured by Lauren Hurt Photography!

As we continue, we are happy to share some amazing bouquets from our fellow Chapel Designer, Lisa Sommer from Petals and Promises.  Though Lisa lives far from us in Silver Spring Maryland, we are close in our design hearts.  When Lisa worried that she was blogless, we were quick to offer to "adopt" her!  With bouquets like this, we are thrilled to share her work with you on our blog!

Bouquet #1 showcases blue Muscari, blue delphinium, pink genestra and blushing Akito Roses. We think you will swoon over this one!

Bouquet #2...oh my!  Seriously amazing!  Featuring Antique Green Hydrangea, Dill, Mokara Orchids, Viburnum Berry, Burgundy Astilbe, Roses, Burgundy Dahlia and Sea Star Fern. 

Bouquet #3  Another stunner!  The lovely bouquet contains Green Hydrangea, Blue Delphinium, white Dahlias, Scabiosa pods, white Veronica, blue Thistle, green Hypericum, Nigella, Love in the Mist and white Roses.  Such a wonderful combination!

Thank you Lisa, for allowing us to adopt you and share your amazing bouquets with our readers.  They now have a sense of what a progressive blog is and how fun it can be!

Please take some time to click on the links below.  They will lead you to some of the very best designers we have the honor of knowing!  Of course, they are Chapel Designers!

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We hope you LOVED this progressive blog post!  If so, please comment and share. Spread the Chapel Designer's inpiration out there!  One last tidbit...curious about Chapel Designers?  http://www.hollychappleflowers.com/about/chapple-designers/

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ribbon Love in New York City

We are counting the days until we arrive in the big city! Last year we had such an amazing time in all of the ribbon and trim shops. It was so difficult to restrain our purchasing. Here are a few of our favorite pictures from last year's eye candy!

We had such a wonderful time last year. This year's line-up may just possibly be even grander!  How can that be?  How can we be so lucky?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Introducing Wheelhouse Event Center, Albany Oregon

Planning a wedding or special event in the future?  We are happy to present the Wheelhouse Event Center in Albany Oregon!  Set to open on April 1st, we think this will be a very popular event location!  Riverfront, gorgeous views, wonderful interior...the possibilities are endless.  Who doesn't love a great view?

We were delighted to receive a call from the event coordinator, Janet Johnson.  We are so happy to connect with someone who is ready to make your event perfect!  We were lucky to get a sneak peek of this space.  Oh, we immediately were taken by the possibilities.  Oh, we would love to help a bride make this the wedding space of her dreams with floral designs...so many ideas!
Here are a few more pictures we took of the interior. 

Perhaps, you have just found the perfect space for you upcoming wedding!

Amenities include:
Elevator, catering area, free on site parking, dressing area for bride and groom, room for 290 guests seated, round tables and white chairs.  Many more!

For more information contact event coordinator Janet Johnson for a tour or to discuss current prices.  Email: djab1234@msn.com or phone 541-760-3763.

For the perfect flowers for your wedding, contact us!